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The Founders of LOMI

After extensive research, we have carefully selected natural ingredients with the highest quality to make your pets fur healthy and shiny. Our mission is to make your pets live a longer & healthier life while also reducing our carbon pawprints on this planet

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"This product is amazing and smells amazing too! It had become a bedtime routine to apply this balm on my dog's paws every night and he loves it! My favourite part is knowing that this product uses all natural ingredients and safe for my dog."

Naturlig Tassalva

- Michelle Orodio

"I bought the grooming wipes for traveling with my pets internationally. They were so great for cleaning up messes on our long flight. They also smell very fresh and clean. They are definitely one of our travel must-haves! 5 stars for this product!"

Aloe Vera & Kamomill Våtservetter

- Lal Johnson

"The collar really fits so perfectly and is so incredibly easy to adjust! Often they tend to be quite stiff, but even I with weak fingers could adjust it easily and neatly. And the color is so lovely."🥰

- Anni

"My dog loves it, he falls asleep when we massage him with it.Very nice brush to use when bathing the dog. I really recommend this product."

- Natalie Gullstrand

"LOMI's dog shampoo is a game-changer! It leaves my pup's coat soft, shiny, and smelling amazing. Bath time has never been this enjoyable for both of us"

Hundschampo & Balsam

- Tuyara & Vito

Natural Pet Care

With natural, gentle ingredients, these products have been carefully created to support the skin and coat.

Wet wipes | Shampoo | Ear Cleaner | Healing Balm



Whether you're at home or out and about, these functional yet stylish products will make life easier.
Collar | Leash | Poop Bags



Natural, sustainable, veterinary-grade products for various healing treatments.

Bowls | Brush | Eco poop bags


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Natural pet care products, naturliga produkter för husdjur

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