Our history

LOMI was founded 2021 by two Swedish dog lovers.

LOMI was founded by two Swedish pet owners, Milou adopted a French bulldog with skin problems, she searched the market but could not find any suitable natural products for her dog. Together with Elsa who has an adopted order Collie/ Aussie mix, they founded LOMI.

Our goal is to introduce LOMI products as a natural and eco-friendly alternative to synthetic products. After extensive research, we have carefully selected natural ingredients with the highest quality to make your pet's fur healthy and shiny. Our mission is to make your pet's live a longer & healthier life while also reduce our carbon paw-prints on this planet

Our heart beats for our four-legged friends and our goal is to develop natural, safe and environmentally friendly products that really make a difference to their well-being.

The fall of 2023 we were in the Swedish Shark tank and secured our first investment by Fredrik Eklund!