How to select the best dog shampoo?

The ideal shampoo for petsis natural and containing no harmful toxins nor harsh chemicals. Especially if your pet is having dry skin, allergic reactions, or flaky skin, you want to bathe them with soothing ingredients, and avoid any strong chemicals that could bother their sensitive skin. 

Our oat-based shampoo & conditioner is specially formulated to give your pet a shiny and soft coat while soothing and moisturizing dry skin and skin irritations. With a mild chamomile natural  scent and no chemicals, soap, or perfume, it's perfect for both cats and dogs with skin issues including seasonal allergies, dry skin, fleas, and mosquito bites

When picking which shampoo to use on your pet, look for natural and toxin-free formulas which are responsibly sourced, and avoid formulas which include perfumes, parabens and sulfates. 

Our Oatmeal Shampoo & Conditioner has been tested and confirmed non-irritating, so it’s safe for normal and sensitive pets. We thoughtfully selected all natural ingredients which balance, heal, and soothe even the itchy skin.

The top active ingredients are: 

OATMEAL: Softens and cleans your dog's hair and skin. Because oatmeal relieves itching, soothes irritation, minimizes inflammation, and moisturizes the skin, it is the best ingredient in dog shampoo. 

HONEY: Honey has antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties that help speed up healing and will make the fur soft & shiny. 

Coconut oil: Improves overall skin health for dogs, and clears up skin conditions such as eczema, flea allergies, contact dermatitis and itchy skin 

Calendula:Is used topically for its anti-inflammatory. Clinical experience with calendula proved that it can accelerate wound healing. 

Green tea extract: green tea has a relevant chemo preventive effect against the formation of every cancer stages and may be useful against inflammatory responses associated with skin exposure to tumors chemical promoters, as well as solar radiation.